Need a Rep?

If you need a representative in Upper New York State and your products or services would sell to the people that my established principals sell to, I’m interested in discussing with you our mutual prospects.

I endorse and seek to follow the Electronic Representative Association code of conduct and ethics.

I work alone in my own agency, though with the assistance of my wife, Pat. In recent years I’ve developed relationships with other agencies and represent some of their related lines for them. Many years ago I had several people working for me. Along the way I learned that I’m not a people manager. I’m your basic hound dog who enjoys calling on customers, smokestacking, beating the competition, and longstanding business relationships. I like selling technical capability, not the lowest price. I like being an integral part of my principals’ operations. I enjoy having my principals travel and call on customers with me. I plan not to retire.

I grew up in Central New York, in the Syracuse area. Although I enjoy traveling around the country with Pat and have visited many places that we enjoy going back to, this is home. Our roots are deep. I’ve lived here since my father moved our family here in 1950, when I was ten. Pat has lived here all of her life. Her ancestors were among the first European settlers here and lived near the hamlet of Highbridge south of Fayetteville and the Village of Fabius south of there.